Our Products

At the Madina Market We strive to provide quality products at affordable prices, and change our selections as our customers’ tastes change. From premium cuts meats, packaged teas, fruits and vegetables and fresh baked bread we have everything your family needs. We believe in innovation and constantly upgrading quality of service and of the products but yet committed to the authenticity of the taste and quality.


Fresh Produce: We all love fruits and vegetables as they are key in having a healthy life. We import all of our produce fresh from local farmers providing you the best produce available in season.

Fresh Bread and Pastries

Fresh Baked Bread and Pastries: At the Madina Market, we are known for our selection of fresh breads from our in house bakery. Our breads and baked goods are always fresh because we take the time to bake several times a day for our shoppers.


Premium Meats: We are known to have the best meat in the metro area, just ask all of our shoppers. Our premium cuts of beef, halal are always tender juicy and flavorful. With our wide selection of meats, there are endless options in recipes that you can make for your family. We have a in house butcher to offer the best quality meats.


Groceries: Beside our other delicious foods we also have a wide selection of high quality grocery items that bring the taste of the middle east to your homes. From rice and tea bags, to can goods and cheeses, we provide a huge selection of items all at an affordable price.

Coming Soon: Fresh Organic Juice Bar